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March 22, 2013, Press Statement:
The Appeal „No Combat Drones!“ – A Call by Peace and Civil Rights Organizations
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April 26, 2013, News Release Berlin Peace Coordination:
Anti-Drone Protest in the German Parliament
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July 17, 2013, Press Release of the Information Centre on Militarisation:
United Nations UAV armament accelerates and legitimizes arms race
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November 15, 2013, Press Release of Peace Coordination Berlin:
Peace activist Medea Benjamin to visit Germany
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December 15, 2013, Press Release of Drone Campaign:
Anti-drone movement spreads in Europe

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March 22, 2013
Press Statement

The Appeal „No Combat Drones!“

A Call by Peace and Civil Rights Organizations

On the occasion of the launching of this year’s nationwide Easter Peace March activities, numerous peace and civil rights organizations are issuing a joint appeal against the employment of drones for combat missions, surveillance or oppression. The appeal „No Combat Drones!“ is addressed to the German government and parliament, demanding that they neither acquire combat drones nor continue to invest in their research and development.

In early March, representatives of various peace and civil rights movements met in Hannover to discuss a common strategy to oppose equipping the German Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) with armed unmanned aerial vehicles (combat drones). This meeting was in response to the growing number of proposals from within government circles in favor of the acquisition of these new weapons, and resulted in the nationwide appeal „No Combat Drones!,“ currently supported by around 80 organizations, associations, and initiatives in Germany. Peace and civil rights organizations, church groups and trade unions as well as citizens‘ initiatives, have joined this broad alliance.

The objective of this campaign is to inform the public of the dangers of acquiring combat and surveillance drones. More concretely, the campaign calls on the German government and Bundestag to cease the „madness“ of acquiring and producing killer drones, as well as pursuing research and development of these weapons. It also demands that the government and parliament become engaged in favor of a worldwide ban, as well as international proscription of these weapons. The alliance seeks to establish strong ties of cooperation and cross-linking with other initiatives at the international level.

It is launching an immediate call for signatures. At the internet portal

signature lists can be printed and the appeal can be signed online. Information on drones will also be available.

Contact persons for the press are available at any of the signatory organizations of this appeal, or you can contact:

  • Luehr Henken, Bundesausschuss Friedensratschlag, Berliner Friedenskoordination, luehrhenken (at) t-online (dot) de
  • Peter Strutynski, Bundesausschuss Friedensratschlag, Kassel, Phone (+49) 160 / 97 62 89 72
  • Christoph Marischka, Informationsstelle Militarisierung, Tuebingen, Phone (+49) 7071 / 49 154
  • Laura v. Wimmersperg, Friedenskoordination Berlin, Phone (+49) 30 / 78 23 382 or (+49) 160 / 99 85 57 75
  • Michael Ebeling, Friedensbüro Hanover and German Working Group on Data Retention, local group Hanover, Phone (+49) 1577 / 39 19 170

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