Online Signing

This is the English site for online signing the Appeal „No Combat Drones!“.

Before signing please read the english translation of that appeal and consider following two notes:

1. We would prefer to ask for signature on paper, using the signature form, as this is much more „effective“ than online signing. But feel free to choose or – not a problem – sign the appeal offline and online.

2. Attention: The data, that you are giving by filling the form below will be published on these internet sites after signing!
(Name, town and supplementary information will be listed and published, but your e-mail not. E-mail is being needed for sending a confirmation mail concerning your signature.)
If you don’t like your name and town to be published in the web (this we would understand very well as internet will forget nothing and never!) than please use the signature form for signing offline or – as an alternative – abbreviate your data. For example: Use „M. T., L. / UK“ instead of „Margaret Thatcher, London / UK“ or, as another example, fill in „Barack O., Washington / USA“ instead of „Barack Obama, Washington / USA“.

Unfortunately the signing form is only available in german language. Please have a look at the following Picture to understand better, what the form is asking for.


And here is the form to be filled out by yourself, if you like to join of those, who support the Appeal „No Combat Drones“.

After filling in the data and pressing the signing button you will receive an automatically generated mail, asking to confirm your signature by clicking a provided link. Only with this confirmation your name will be listed afterwards here.

Privacy note: Your data, being given to the following form (inlcuding your email address), will be stored. This data will not be given away and email addresses will be deleted as soon, as online signing ends.

Online-Unterzeichnung des Appells "Keine Kampfdrohnen!"


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